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AMIGA Future Composer plug-in

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Download FC music.

AMIGA Future Composer reference player

Above XMMS plug-in is based on a reference player which has been implemented because hardly any FC player available on PC (and not even on AMIGA) manages to play back all modules without flaws (if at all). On PC, I don't know any. With other implementations, there is always at least one song that reveals a minor or major bug during playback. If that would happen with this particular implementation, it would be very easy to fix the source code, whereas it would be very difficult to fix an emulated MC680x0 machine code binary-only player.

However, please don't submit any damaged files or the well-known FC modules like Astaroth or Chambers of Shaolin which contain several independent sub-songs and must not be played from beginning till end. Those sub-songs ought to be initialized and played separately. Prepared versions of these individual sub-songs have been made available for download on this page further below. Feel free to delete your old all-in-one version of Astaroth. It is to be used in the original game only.

Contrary to the information given in the documentation files that come with Future Composer <=1.3 on AMIGA, FC is not based on a music player by David Whittaker. Although this misleading information had been corrected with the original release of Future Composer 1.4, the wrong information has been passed on with modified releases and by other people and is archived with music collections on CD, for instance. [That's the primary reason why this page comments on this credit issue, too. In earlier versions of this page I haven't mentioned the correction in FC 1.4. Sorry about that. Thanks to all those who've bugged me about it.]

The great music in the game Astaroth was made by Jochen Hippel of Atari ST and Thalion fame. And it was Jochen's music player, too, which served as the ground work for the development of the Future Composer editor on AMIGA.

David Whittaker has confirmed that he did not made the music, and he has never given/licensed his AMIGA players to any commercial company except for the games he was working on himself.

Screen-shots of Future Composer v1.4 main screen, pattern editor, and sound editor

Did you know...?

...that the original FC player source code contained lots of bugs which led various programmers to publish bug-fixes which had the side-effect of introducing unwanted incompatibilities?

...that there are many modified or hacked tunes respectively which have been used in demos or intros and hence are just duplicates?

My favourite FC modules

A pretty huge FC archive

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